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Meet Gordon Fraser : The Guru behind TEKO socks

TEKO's founder and the driving force behind years of Eco First yarns, production, designs and innovation. An avid trail runner, backcountry skier, cyclist and mountaineer he has been involved in the biomechanics and physiology of feet, footwear and socks for over 30 years within the sports industry.

Gordon's uncompromising approach to creating the most eco-friendly and sustainable socks on the planet has been recognised internationally through major industry awards including the prestigious ISPO Innovation Award and Eco-Performance Awards and the Innovation Award at the international OutDoor Trade Show in Germany; TEKO has also been selected as one of the top 100 most innovative companies in the UK.

Here's what Britain's leading newspaper THE TELEGRAPH recently wrote about TEKO Socks

"Teko is an incredible brand, making awesome products while being laser-focused on ensuring the lowest possible environmental impact. They run their factory in Italy on renewable energy, use recycled man-made fibres and blend these with chlorine-free, Bluesign certified merino wool".

Econyl® Regenerated Nylon

Econyl® regenerated nylon is a dream that became a reality after four years of tireless research and development by the Aquafil® group based in Italy. Econyl® can be regenerated time and time again from old to new yarns. We use an ultrafine Econyl® yarn in our ecoRUN collection.

Tencel® Lyocell Is An Environmentally Sustainable Fiber

Tencel® Lyocell fibres help to maintain the environmental balance by being integrated into the natural cycle of nature. The fibres originate from Eucalyptus wood which is a renewable raw material created by natural photosynthesis and requiring twenty times less water to grow. Fibres are manufactured using an environmentally responsible production process and certified as compostable and biodegradable, thus they can fully revert back to nature. We use Tencel® Lyocell in our Bio.d Outdoor collection.

Teko Socks - Green Commitment


We approach sustainability as a balancing act. It's not possible to produce a product without using energy and natural resources, so it's our job to minimize our footprint at every stage.


We transport all raw materials and finished product by boat rather than air.


We use merino wool from South America, recycled polyester made from plastic drinks bottles and ECONYL® regenerated nylon made from commercial fishing nets in the production of our socks. 


Unlike our competitors, the shrink-proofing process we use for our merino wool, to give it the comfort and performance we are looking for which excludes chlorine and is Bluesign® certified.  That's why we call it M3RINO.XC. The Bluesign® system is the solution for a sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production.


No allergens, carcinogens, heavy metals or formaldehyde are used in our dyes. All of our products meet the OekoTex100 standard.


All of our socks are knitted in Italy to the very highest environmental and socially responsible standards.


All the materials we use for packaging are both recycled or recyclable. We do not use cardboard chip boxes as this uses up too much space and increases the overall amount of space to be shipped.


True sustainability means allowing for the whole product lifecycle, including disposal. Our socks are some of the most durable on the market, which means they need to be replaced less often.


We support The John Muir Trust and European Outdoor Conservation Association. 


The actual cost of any transaction includes environmental and human elements. TEKO pays a fair price for its wool, labor and other materials so that resources like land and water can be managed wisely, employees can enjoy better health and animals are treated humanely.

People, Planet, Product

Each arm of the iconic TEKO logo stands for People, Planet & Product. As well as the many initiatives we put to work in our business our factory operates under the independent standards of the globally recognised organisation SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY INT'L. Like everything we do, we do not operate to a set of minimum standards. We exceed them in any and every way that we can. Manufacturing in Italy ensures we operate within the stringent EU employment laws and have a commitment to constantly improving the factory working environment.

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